In this article we will show you how to allow Remote MySQL Connections on Linux Plesk.

1) First open the Tools and Settings page via the plesk panel. On the page that opens, click the Database Servers menu under the Applications and Databases tab.

2) Go to the Settings page from the Tools menu at the top of the page that opens. You will see a page like the one below.

On this page, you should select the second or third option from the following triple options. Selecting the second option will allow you to connect from all devices. If you select the third option; If you want to connect to your MySQL server from which device (s) you have in the text box that will appear, you will need to type that ip address (s) with one ip address on each line. Then click OK to save.

Note: If remote access is not successful as a result of this procedure, continue with Step 3. Or make sure to add the IP address to the Client MySQL Server from the Plesk firewall.

3) Connect to your server with SSH (after the connection, if nano is not installed on your server) and run nano /etc/my.cnf in the root directory.

4) After executing the command, put “#" a on the bind-adress line as shown below. Then press Ctrl + X, Y and Enter respectively to save and complete the contents of the file.

5) You must restart the mysql service for the changes to take effect. Just type the command below. (If you get an error when you run the command, you can restart the entire server by clicking the Restart Server link on the Tools and Settings page under Server Management under the plesk panel.)

service mysqld restart

By performing the above steps, your MySQL server will be successfully configured to allow remote connections.