VHOST TELECOMMUNICATION INTERNET & IT SERVICES ( referred to as vHost Telecom. ) undertakes to retain all information it obtains about you. By purchasing and using the services offered by vHost Telecom, you agree to use the stored information as set forth in the agreement.
vHost Telecom requests the minimum amount of information required to provide high quality services. This agreement describes what information is received for what kind of transactions. By using our website, you grant vHost Telecom the right to collect your personal data.

Information About Your Credit / Debit Card Payments

When you make payments using credit/debit cards, we care very much about the security of the information we request from you. For this reason, all of the information you have entered is provided by a 256-bit SSL certificate in a low-security environment (internet cafe, etc.).) we even ensure that your card information is sent encrypted, making it impossible to track. Other than your knowledge, your computer may be infected with keyloggers, etc. virtual keyboard, etc., which we developed to protect your data from malicious software. we offer precautions. With all these precautions and care, we aim to ensure that your card information is completely secure when you make purchases on our website, and we can't even see the card information you pay.

Information Received

Depending on the service received or the payment made, the system may request some or all of the following information: First Name, Last Name, Telephone Number, Address, TCKN ( T.C. ID number), FAX number, E-mail address. Additional documentation and information may also be required. If necessary, you are responsible for transmitting the requested information to vHost Telecom during the specified period.
In order to get an invoice for the service purchased by vHost Telecom and to find a legal addressee where necessary, T.C your identification numbers are recorded in the system. T.C your identification numbers will be used for billing process and legal cases to forward to judicial authorities.
In order to be able to bill you and find a real addressee in case necessary, T.C. your ID numbers are stored in the system. T.C. your ID numbers will only be used to provide them to legal authorities when the bill is issued and where necessary.
It shall not be shared with individuals or institutions other than the stated reasons or the competent authorities.

Use Of Information

vHost Telecom uses the information it collects to help visitors to the website have a better experience. 3 on this information. We have provided all measures to prevent access by individuals. In a hacking event that can happen despite all the precautions taken, the information stored in the 3. vHost Telecom has no civil and criminal responsibility in the possession of individuals.


Your Internet browsers have the ability to store small data, called “cookies,” so that the websites you visit can recognize your accounts. vHost Telecom makes use of this feature on its website. You have the freedom to prevent cookies from being uploaded to your computer, but you will not be able to fully utilize the vHost Telecom website and all its functions.

Disclosure Of Information

The data collected via the vHost Telecom website 3. He doesn't share it with individuals. Your information to communicate with you healthily and related development with vHost Telecom etc. it will be used to inform you of situations. This data from vHost Telecom 3. If he decides to share it with individuals, it will be with your permission only. You are free to delete your personal information collected on our system at any time( unless you use vhost telecom services).
vHost Telecom, 3 in some periods. Share data with individuals.(How many people entered the website, number of completed orders, etc.) but none of this data will reveal your identity and disrupt your privacy.

Providing Legal Information

vHost Telecom has the right to share your information with legal authorities without telling you if necessary. vHost Telecom will always cooperate with the competent authorities.

Contract Changes

Any changes to this agreement will be visible here. vHost Telecom may make changes to the contract without notice. You have the right to terminate your membership at any time.(Unless you benefit from vhost telecom services).


To find out about vHost Telecom's Privacy Policy and what data you receive; [email protected] just send an email to his address.