vHost Telecom (vhost telecommunications INTERNET & Information Services ) and/or by purchasing products and services from the website, you agree to all terms and conditions in this agreement. vHost Telecom, its affiliated content producers, employees and persons and institutions authorized by vHost Telecom shall have no responsibility for any material and immaterial damage that may arise if you do not read or violate the terms and conditions of the agreement in whole or in part.
vHost Telecom reserves the right to unilaterally update and modify this agreement whenever and whenever it deems necessary. No need to notify before changing or updating.

The information, documents and contents contained in the vHost Telecom website are collected from sources whose reliability is accepted under general rules and vHost Telecom has no guarantee of their accuracy and adequacy.
vHost Telecom has no criminal responsibility for any material/moral and/or negative and/or positive damages and costs that may arise from the use of the content, comments and figures and values contained in the vHost Telecom website.
In the event of any dispute, claim or claim that may arise, the declaration by vHost Telecom that these statements and all records of vHost Telecom will be presented as evidence shall be accepted and committed by the persons and organizations entering the vHost Telecom website.

1st.) Orders and service delivery

After passing the fraud check and payment is received, the information will be sent to you via the communication channel you have set up in your relevant service account.
You pay with credit card and other online payment systems ( PayPal), domain name, web hosting and reseller hosting accounts by the system of automatic, although a potential problem, the installation time can take up to 48 hours.
The installation period is planned as a maximum of 2 working days for the sending of payments to our bank accounts via wire transfer or EFT. VDS and rental server services delivery time is 48 hours unless otherwise. The maximum time for delivery for the software and licensing operations is 1 week unless a different request is received, written / oral. If your product is not delivered within the specified period, vHost Telecom has an obligation to refund all your payment upon your request.
For communication and account security purposes, it is your sole responsibility to provide a seamless e-mail address that was in use at the time of the order. You will be contacted at this address if it is deemed necessary in any violation or other circumstances.
You are responsible for the up-to-date and control of the email address that you have identified to your account, and it is assumed and assumed that the emails sent to you have reached you. vHost Telecom assumes no criminal or civil liability for any damages or losses that may arise if these e-mails are not reached or read by you.
You must enter all the information requested at the time of the order or when registering on the site completely and correctly. vHost Telecom has the right not to refund the fee or to pay in part in order to cancel the order due to incorrect or incomplete information.
Where necessary, vHost Telecom may request a photo / scanned image of the credit card paid for security purposes and / or a copy of your identity / scanned image. If the requested documents are not delivered, your order may be treated as a fake, you may cancel and the service (s) you receive may be frozen. vHost Telecom reserves the right not to refund or partially do so on accounts that have been frozen / discontinued due to fraud.

Site Transport

In the site migration service, vHost Telecom works diligently to move your site to vHost Telecom. Technically, there may be various uncertainties in the operations performed during site transport, vHost Telecom does not guarantee the smooth transport of your site and/or how long it will be carried out. Since each hosting company has different configurations in itself and / or some companies ' systems do not provide the necessary infrastructure, such cases can be angled. In such cases, it may be very difficult or impossible to move your site correctly/completely/without errors. The operation may result in failure or failure. vHost Telecom has no criminal or civil liability for damages that may arise due to these and similar circumstances.

2nd ed.) Contents

All services and related conditions provided by vHost TelekomIt is regulated according to the C Constitution.
vHost Telecom has no legal responsibility for crimes committed using the services offered by vHost Telecom, and you are responsible for all illegal crimes committed through the service provided.
It is forbidden to act in a manner that violates any copyright/registration rights by using the services we provide. Unauthorized music, photographs, books and other copyrighted information, documents and products are included. Also, illegal pornographic/erotic content and hacking on our servers etc. the hosting of the content available for is prohibited. In the event of any content that is known and/or illegal and which is deemed to be in violation of copyright/registration rights by us, the content is immediately deleted and/or the content is closed to access. In case of a similar situation, your account may be frozen/terminated. If you believe that the services provided by vHost Telecom are used to publish such content; [email protected] you can send an email to the address stating your complaint. In such complaints, vHost Telecom may ask you for more information/documents/documents/photos related to the matter.
In case of complaints that the services offered by vHost Telecom have been used in illegal acts, the service can be maintained if vHost Telecom cannot be sure whether the necessary Post-review action is unlawful, constitutes violation or misconduct. Vhost Telecom is not the legal decision-making authority. You must seek your rights before the judicial authorities against the person who committed these acts. vHost Telecom has no criminal or civil liability for any damages that may arise from these or similar circumstances.
All services offered by vHost Telecom have a limited right to use only. If you access a content/file or service without your permission, you are responsible for contacting vHost Telecom before using it. The case laid down by all kinds of negative financial/compensation for moral damage it is your responsibility to.
vHost Telecom may monitor and record all access to content and/or content for the purpose of proper management of the system, for the purpose of detecting unauthorized access and entries, for the purpose of verifying security methods and/or for the purpose of job security.
You may test, record, copy and/or use the contents/information required by the system administrator during the follow-up process, depending on the reasons mentioned above.
vHost Telecom does not use or share any content in any way, except for the above reasons.
vHost Telecom has the right to choose at any time and to determine who it will/will not serve. vHost Telecom; business contrary to this agreement, divisive, illegal, provocative, etc. it has the right to disable or delete the services that contain the content by warning or without notice. In such cases, vHost Telecom has the right to make any deduction or refund of the fee paid to the extent it wishes.
Illegal content will be reported to the competent authorities.
Installing Shell scripts, malware, or infected content on vhost Telecom servers may cause your account to terminate immediately without refund of your fee. In such cases, you are responsible for compensating vHost Telecom and its customers for any material/non-material damage.
In the services offered by vHost Telecom, you are responsible for the reliability of the scripts/software and programs installed in your account and for the accuracy of the access permissions granted to the directories. Each user is responsible for the transactions made on his / her account. This responsibility includes the user's username and password. You must use estimated power and a secure password for your accounts. You are also responsible for any malware that may be installed on our servers using your account. vHost Telecom has the right to terminate your service if it deems it necessary, with any amount of deduction and/or non-refund. vHost Telecom will not accept any criminal or civil liability for any material/moral damage that may arise from such circumstances. You are responsible for any material/moral damages that may be incurred by vHost Telecom and/or its customers through your account.
vHost Telecom reserves the right to request that the content/service be changed on any web site, database, account and so on.

3.) SPAM ban

vHost Telecom does not tolerate unsolicited, bulk and spam e-mail. If you fail to comply with this rule, the service (s) you receive will be terminated with or without notice.
vHost Telecom has the right to claim and collect the amount required to correct the situation from the persons and organizations that caused this situation if their IP addresses are included in the e-mail blacklist. This fee is not connected to vHost Telecom and will be used to remove the IP block from the blacklist.
By receiving services from vHost Telecom, you acknowledge that in such cases, you agree to pay the required fee within the specified period without objection.

4.) Paying

During your use of vHost telecom services, you agree to pay for the service offered. Unless you cancel the service, the renewal process will be performed and an invoice for the service will be created. If you do not wish to continue using the service, you must make your cancellation request 15 days in advance. In this way, your service will be cancelled at the end of the day you specified and/or the period of purchase.
Service cancellation must be performed from the customer control panel. There are options where you can determine when the period will be cancelled ( immediately and/or when it expires).
vHost Telecom has the right to charge a fee by initiating a legal procedure for accounts whose cancellation has not been started 15 days before.
As long as you use vhost telecom services, you have a responsibility to keep payment information up to date and to pay for invoiced services on time. For payments that are not made on time, vHost Telecom will give you an additional 6 days for web hosting and reseller hosting accounts, 6. Services that are not paid at the end of the day will be suspended.
If the payment date for the same services exceeds 30 days, the service will be terminated. Domain name, VDS and rental server services, if no payment is made, the service is terminated without an additional period of time. vHost Telecom cannot be held responsible in any way for any material/moral damage or data loss that may arise from this situation.
Any overpayments you make at your request and information and/or by mistake are defined as credit. These fees are not refundable. You can use the defined loan to purchase the services offered by vHost Telecom.
vHost Telecom reserves the right to change the prices of products and services at any time without notice.
vHost Telecom has the right to charge you for the additional resources used in the event that the disk space, traffic and similar resources covered by the service are used in excess of the scope purchased. In such cases, you are responsible for paying the amount requested from you within the specified period of time without objection. If no payment is made, your account will be terminated without refund and vHost Telecom will not be responsible for any damages or data losses arising from this situation.
Withdrawals made outside the information and permission of vHost Telecom (chargeback, dispute, etc.) in the event of any damages to vHost Telecom, it is your responsibility to cover.

5.) Backup and data loss

You are responsible for all the data we hold. vHost Telecom provides a backup service for convenience and does not guarantee backups. vHost Telecom cannot be held responsible for any loss of data due to any reason that may occur.

6.) Service cancellation and refund

vHost Telecom has the right to terminate a service with/without notice, without refund of payment or with any amount of interruption, without cause.
Insulting and/or rude behavior towards employees of vHost Telecom is the suspension/termination of your account and services, etc. it will cause situations to happen. In such cases, vHost Telecom will terminate your contract by terminating your membership without refund.
When using the services offered by vHost Telecom, you undertake to refrain from any actions, such as any conduct, post, advertisement, words or comments that damage the commercial reputation of vHost Telecom and/or its employees. If you do not act, you agree that you are responsible for financial / non-pecuniary damages and that the courts and enforcement agencies of Istanbul are authorized in all cases to be filed.
Sites and linked accounts that cause direct or indirect damage to our servers, which cause a direct or indirect attack, such as slowdown/interruption, which adversely affect the quality of service, may be closed without notice or refund. In such cases, vHost Telecom may request that the damages be covered by you. You are responsible for paying the required fee within the specified period of time, without objection.
Breach of service agreement, user request, etc. for reasons of cancellation of paid services, there will be no refund of the total paid or unused time fee. If you have a credit defined to your account, you can use these credits to purchase the services offered by vHost Telecom, but there will be no refunds or credit defined to your account for services subject to premature termination.

7-a.) Use Of The Service

7-a-a. Web Hosting / Reseller Hosting

Disallowed actions:
Mass e-mail and/or SPAM e-mail cannot be sent for any reason or reason. E-mail services are provided for your standard use.
It is prohibited to cause more than 90 seconds and more than 25% resource usage. There are many factors that can cause problems with your resource usage. Examples include CGI Software, FTP, PHP, http, etc. it is demonstrable and included. vHost Telecom detects resource usage reports and is not required to provide evidence of your resource usage.
Average resource usage of 5% per day for Web hosting accounts and more than 12% per day for reseller accounts is prohibited. There are many factors that can cause problems with your resource usage. Examples include CGI Software, FTP, PHP, http, etc. it is demonstrable and included. vHost Telecom detects resource usage reports and is not required to provide evidence of your resource usage.
It is prohibited to use server-based programs, including server-based programs such as IRCD, on vhost Telecom servers.
Running spider and indexing programs such as Google Cash/AdSpy is prohibited.
It is prohibited to have any software running that communicates with IRC( Internet Relay Chat ) servers.
It is forbidden to run Proxy applications on our servers.
Running torrent applications on our servers is prohibited. You can provide external links to legal torrents, but you cannot host them on our server.
You are prohibited from running any P2P ( peer-to-peer) / file sharing application.
It is forbidden to run online game server applications (Counter Strike, Half-Life etc.…)
Cronjob applications are prohibited from running at intervals of more than 15 minutes.
Running Rapidshare / Turbobit etc file sharing software is prohibited.
m ) running audio and Video broadcasting applications (Audio stream/Video broadcast) is prohibited.
n) each web hosting account has a hosting limit of up to 250,000(two hundred thousand) files and accounts larger than 100,000(hundred thousand) files are not backed up by us.

7 A-b.) VDS / rental server

Disallowed actions:
For any reason, mass e-mail sending and/or SPAM sending is strictly prohibited. The E-mail service is provided to you for normal correspondence and standard file submissions.
In VDS services, resource intensive use is prohibited to harm other VDS. This problem is often caused by heavy disk uses.
The use of Proxy applications is prohibited.
Torrent / bit the use of torrent applications is prohibited. You can link legitimate torrents off-server, but you can't host them on our servers.
P2P (peer-to-peer) / file sharing applications cannot be run.
Running online game server software ( Knight Online, Counter Strike, Half-Life etc.) is prohibited.

7b.) Backup Limit

As a result of vHost Telecom's review, the services/services received by customers who perform unnecessary and continuous backups may be suspended or terminated without notice. This clause applies if it is determined that the backup service has damaged the server by using it outside of its purpose.

7c.) Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited web hosting services include hosting your website's files on the server and traffic to your site.
Unlimited web hosting space cannot be used as data and/or backup storage space.

8.) Traffic Usage

Each customer has a limit on the amount of traffic covered by the package he purchased. If the defined limit is exceeded/filled, it may be temporarily and automatically suspended until the next billing period and / or the payment of additional traffic costs. You are responsible for following your site's traffic report. For use in excess of traffic for the purchased service, the amount other than the purchased service will be billed the following month and you agree to pay this fee within the specified period without objection.

9.) Uptime Guarantee

If the 99% uptime guaranteed by vHost Telecom is not met, vHost Telecom is responsible for providing the relevant service for 1 month free of charge if you request it. 3 reporting this situation. Batch software is not considered valid by vHost Telecom. These reports are held and published by vHost Telecom. [email protected] to identify the credit required for your account if the 99% uptime performance guaranteed is not met you need to send an e-mail to the address. For VDS and leased servers, network guarantee is provided only. vHost Telecom is not responsible for ensuring that VDS and your leased server are accessible and/or operational. In such cases, vHost Telecom will be unaware of the problem unless otherwise advised by you. Discount on VDS/rental Server services in case the uptime guarantee cannot be met, 3. The party does not cover software and license fees.
The uptime guarantee does not apply during malicious attacks to shut down your server and during pre-planned server maintenance. Therefore, the downtime will not be reflected in the uptime rate.

10a.) Support Coverage

You agree that vHost Telecom has no commitment or will not provide any support for matters beyond the scope of its service. Due to any purchased hosting services, vHost Telecom has no obligation to provide software support, undertake user-owned operations ( opening/setting up a mail account, performing database operations, etc.). Support for the VDS / leased server service is maintained only until the initial installation and delivery of the server, and additional installation and user operations are excluded from the support scope. In software services, vHost Telecom is only responsible for the delivery of software that runs smoothly.
The customer can use the support system by logging into the Control Panel with your password, you must use the support Notifications section to send a support notification. Other methods(e-mail, telephone, live support, contact form etc..) information about any transaction or account is not shared.

10b.) 24/7 support and support provision period

The concept of 24/7 support does not mean that you will receive a phone call every time you call. Our Support Unit works selflessly to respond to your notifications as quickly as possible. 24/7 support means working independently of working hours, without being dependent on time and space. Your response time from our support unit is maximum 24 hours, unless there are intensity States and exceptions.

11.) Reseller Hosting: Customer Responsibility

If you receive Reseller hosting service, you are responsible for providing support to your sales customers yourself. vHost Telecom will not support its affiliate sub-customers to its reseller hosting customers. If any reseller hosting sub-customer contacts us, vHost Telecom has the right to suspend your account until you deal with your customer's problems. In addition, our reseller hosting customers are responsible for the content on their sub-customers ' sites. We do not accept responsibility as vHost Telecom for the infringing and illegal conduct of our Reseller hosting customers.

12.) VDS and dedicated server

vHost Telecom reserves the right and authority to reset passwords for the VDS and leased server services it offers. It is your responsibility to keep the valid E-mail address and Root password in our system. VDS and leased servers are not backed up by us. The customer is responsible for the security and backup of all data.

13. Co-Location (Server Hosting)

vHost Telecom reserves the right and authority to reset passwords for all server services it hosts. It is your responsibility to keep the valid E-mail address and Root password in our system. Co-Location servers are not backed up by us. The customer is responsible for the security and backup of all data.
vHost Telecom has the right to hold the hosted server and other equipment hostage in case of payment delays for the server hosting service, together with the delayed payment and legal interest until it is done.

14.) Price Change

vHost does not charge you any additional fees for the service you purchase from Telekom, unless you use an additional feature or exceed the limit during your purchase period. vHost Telecom reserves the right to change the price and renew the service with new pricing at the end of the specified service period.

15a.) restitution

By purchasing the services offered by vHost Telecom, you agree that you will not act to harm vHost Telecom, do not cause material/immaterial damage, and you agree and undertake that you will be compensated for any material/immaterial damage you may cause.

15b.) Legal Obligations

By purchasing services from vHost Telecom, you agree that you will not cause any legal liability to vHost Telecom. In such cases, you undertake that court and attorney costs will be paid during the time requested by you.

16.) Waiver

vHost Telecom cannot be held liable for damages that may occur in your commercial/private business. vHost Telecom makes no warranty about the services it offers. These include data loss, delay, interruption, incorrect information delivery, etc.caused by vhost Telecom and vHost telecom employees. 3. vHost Telecom will not accept any responsibility if people access our servers via hack and obtain your information/documents and data.

17) Giving Legal Information

vHost Telecom is obliged to share the requested documents/information and data with the legal authorities when deemed necessary. This information / documents and data may also be your private information if necessary.


Even if many people and companies receive vhost Telecom and services safely, it is clear that 100% customer satisfaction cannot be achieved. This is not possible in any sector that produces services.
If you have purchased vhost telecom services and are dissatisfied, you may cancel your service within 3 days from your customer panel and receive your payment back.
For detailed information and questions about the return guarantee offered by Vhost Telekom [email protected] you can email him.


The return guarantee of Vhost Telekom is not limited to web hosting services(domain name registration/transfer transactions, VPS-VDS and rental server, SSL certificate, co-location/server hosting, licensing, software, etc..) does not include its services. Domain name registration / transfer process, VPS-VDS, leased servers, SSL certificates, co-location/server hosting, licensing, software services cannot be cancelled and no refund will be made to these services.
The defined period for refunds is 30 working days.
The vhost Telekom return guarantee does not apply to accounts that are in breach of contract and have been suspended/discontinued.
Each customer can create a return request only for the first service they purchased from us. For example, when you receive an additional service from Vhost Telekom, the return guarantee for the additional service is void.