Technical infrastructure

vHost provides domestic internet access via Türk Telekom and Superonline, and 2X10 Gbit Türk Telekom provides redundant connection to 2X10 Gbit Turkcell - Superonline access from eight points.

Overseas internet access is provided via redundant connection via 2X10 Gbit Cogent.

All of our juniper series network equipment constituting the main backbone are redundant. 100Mbit, 1Gbit or 10Gbit fiber port can be connected via redundant router according to the demands of our customers.

For network security, our data center has Juniper SRX Series Firewall and IPS hardware with different features. In addition, we are able to produce special solutions with network security systems developed by our R & D team.

With the N + 1 Redundant UPS and N + 1 Redundant Generator systems, our AKSA brand generators, which are available in case of mains power failure, meet the energy needs of our data center against long continuous interruptions.