Even if many people and companies receive vhost Telecom and services safely, it is clear that 100% customer satisfaction cannot be achieved. This is not possible in any sector that produces services.
If you have purchased vHost telecom services and are dissatisfied, you may cancel your service within 3 days from your customer panel and receive your payment back.
For detailed information and questions about the return guarantee offered by vHost Telekom [email protected] you can email him.


The return guarantee of vHost Telekom is not limited to web hosting services(domain name registration/transfer transactions, VPS-VDS and rental server, SSL certificate, co-location/server hosting, licensing, software, etc..) does not include its services. Domain name registration / transfer process, VPS-VDS, leased servers, SSL certificates, co-location/server hosting, licensing, software services cannot be cancelled and no refund will be made to these services.
The defined period for refunds is 30 working days.
The vHost Telekom return guarantee does not apply to accounts that are in breach of contract and have been suspended/discontinued.
Each customer can create a return request only for the first service they purchased from us. For example, when you receive an additional service from Vhost Telekom, the return guarantee for the additional service is void.